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Wally Yaracs Family Auction

Family Tree

The Yaracs Auction was established by Walter Yaracs in 1963.  Although Walter did not auction, he was very involved in the auction business with buying and working at the auctions.  His auctions were held at the Unionville Grange Hall in Butler, PA using an auctioneer by the name of Herb Quinter from Hadley, PA.  When Herb retired, a fellow auctioneer took over the auctioneer responsibilities.

Due to the passing of Walter Yaracs, Walter's son, Wally, decided to get his auctioneers license and take over the business.  He received his auctioneer's license on April 9, 1981.  This is when the Wally Yaracs Family Auction was founded and truly became a family business.  The auctions were still held at the Unionville Grange for years until Wally and his wife Karen bought the old Humane Society in Butler County in 1993 giving the Wally Yaracs Family Auction it's current location of 490 Herman Road in Butler, PA.

Today, Wally is still the head auctioneer and his wife Karen is the cashier.  They are both still fully involved in their business holding auctions every Saturday evening.  Their oldest daughter Chasity is the clerk.  Their son Raymond is also an auctioneer and "head blockman".  In addition to those duties, Raymond has also acquired his Federal Firearms License.  Raymond's wife Kiley owns and runs the kitchen inside the auction building and there are plenty of family friends who help out as well (Big Mike, Connie, Alan, Ali, etc.).  Wally and Karen have several grandchildren who they hope will help out as they get older.  They also hope to pass the business down to their son, Raymond, who will carry on the family business.


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